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 IM BACK (Rimzoco)

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Location : Brisbane, QLD, Australia

PostSubject: IM BACK (Rimzoco)   Tue Aug 02, 2011 6:43 am

hi all i'm back in australia, and had a great secret mission holiday

objective completed, messenger sent

seems the server went down for awhile a week or so ago
i sent GS an email and hte next day they replied
"sorry it is up and running now"

with no other responce as to why

anyway i just paid it up for the next month

post here, YEY or NEY if you would like me to relocate the server to US site?
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Posts : 29
Join date : 2011-06-03

PostSubject: Re: IM BACK (Rimzoco)   Tue Aug 02, 2011 11:39 am

doesnt matter to me, but nobody is playing the game from our clan lol. I play just barely
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Location : Hertfordshire, North of London

PostSubject: Re: IM BACK (Rimzoco)   Tue Aug 02, 2011 4:47 pm

Just seems to be me left on Prej. even Guitar not around much, if at all. I still looking for my S8 disc. Heard there always 5 or 6 LOD at top of scoreboard every week still. I just got new map pack (got shed load of MS points to use, and wont be using them for anything else). I heard AOD planing on withdrawing from Prej. I have see a couple of them on. its all gone flat (as expected). Even TTn gone a little quiet. I Have seen macloed on. Rossina even graced me and Bixex last night on swarm on new maps. They pretty good, much like the DLCs from S8. Very detailed and intricate. I even been told one is from campaign level.

Anyway, Rimz, nice to see you are back and holiday went OK. I am away in 3 weeks. Sunny Great Yarmouth. Yay. Sigh.

Still shouldnt complain, holiday a holiday.

Also, anyone else beenn old clan forum. Some strange messages in guest. I guess they the trawling dodgy ppl. From whats written I reckon its Chinese in origin and translated into English. Context off on a few bits.
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Location : NSW, Australia

PostSubject: Re: IM BACK (Rimzoco)   Tue Aug 02, 2011 11:07 pm

I still play. Not up quite as late though so less likely to encounter yourself. Lately just been messing around with some listen server things.
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PostSubject: Re: IM BACK (Rimzoco)   

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IM BACK (Rimzoco)
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